ISTE12 Newbie Announced!

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 Click here to make a donation to the ISTE Newbie Project to get Jerry to San Diego

Congratulations to Jerry Blumengarten who has been named the Newbie for ISTE12. Many of you know him by his Twitter handle, @cybraryman1.

I was not planning on doing the ISTE Newbie Project this year.  I had organized and managed this project for the last three years and I simply needed a break. There is a lot of work that goes into making this project work that happens behind the scenes and I did not have the time to do it this year. But last week all of that week when I received an email from Suzie Nestico. She had been contacted by Jeff Bradbury who runs TeacherCast and Ron Peck who is one of the co-founders of #sschat and the SSChat Ning. They were looking for a way to get Jerry to San Diego so he could attend his very first ISTE.

Jerry is one of those rare people who has found a way to give more than he takes from his personal learning network. He started out creating a website for his school in 1999, but by the next year had developed a site for all educators with hundreds of great resources and links. The website grew and now has over 500 pages and 30,000 links. It is considered the “go-to” website for information on just about anything. Many educators sing the praises of this wealth of information and sharing on a level that no one in education can come close to. In addition, this individual is an active member of several chats on Twitter. #Edchat, #ntchat, #gtchat, #elemchat, #engchat, #sschat and #ptchat are just a few of the chats he contributes to and moderates on a regular basis. This amazingly generous person deserves everything we can do for him and more.

Please thank Jerry for all he has done by making a donation to get him to San Diego.  A ChipIn donation widget is located on the ISTE Newbie Site.

3 Responses to “ISTE12 Newbie Announced!”

  1.   Steve Johnson Says:

    So glad for Jerry! My family and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with him in Florida over spring break and I must say he is a fascinating guy!

    Very glad to know we’ll be able to see Jerry in San Diego this year!


  2.   dennisfreitas Says:

    Hi My name is Dennis Freitas good friend of Jeff Bradbury from He shared your story with me I am really looking forward to meeting you in San Diego. Take Care, Dennis


  3.   rcantrell Says:

    Congratulations to Jerry. Now let’s click on the link above and support him as he will share and shine in San Diego. Now a small donate from each of us will make this possible. Hats Off to Beth Still! She is one fantastic person and passionate educator.


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