2013 Photo365 Project

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Each year around this time I attempt to participate in the Photo365 project. By the end of January life usually gets in the way and I give up. This year is going to be different because I have come up with a twist that is going to help me stick with this project for the entire year. I have collected a lot of things over the years and the time has come to get rid of some of it. There are lots of things that I want to part with, but I never seem to get around to it. This year I’m going to get rid of one thing each day. Some of these items will go directly to the dumpster while I will donate other things to my local Goodwill. Before I get rid of each item I will take a picture of it for the Photo365 project.

I hope others will run with this idea. I don’t want to be the only one posting pictures of my old stuff all over the internet. If you participate please use the hashtag #photo365trash.

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  1.   Ashton DeMouy Says:

    Hi Beth! How is the picture taking of the trash going? I have been doing my own sort of cleaning also! i think its a great way to get rid of stuff but also think of the memories with it and share it with someone new so they can make new memories! Thank you for the interesting idea of picture taking!


  2.   Amanda Christopher Says:

    I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am pursing a secondary education English and language arts degree, and for one of my classes, I have been assigned to read your blog.
    This is a wonderful idea. Life does tend to get in the way of our goals doesn’t it? It is so hard to catch up or get ahead in daily activities. And on top of all of the daily activities, stuff piles up in corners, closets are overfilled, and our little ones scrapbooks are often left neglected. If only there were enough time in the day. My problem is when I do clean out a closet the stuff I cleaned out typically sits for a week or two before I do something with it. How do you manage to not only clean out but to actually remove the items from the house? Maybe your post will inspire me to at least move that goodwill pile to my car for drop off. How is your Photo365 project going?


    •   Beth Still Says:

      Hi Amanda,
      It is hard to keep up with everything. I always plan on cleaning out rooms and closets during the summer, but it rarely happens. That is why I started this project. Some of the things I need to get rid of belong to other family members. I have found that if I get rid of them one item at a time then they don’t even notice that anything is missing. :) Sneaky, but so effective! I collect items that I am going to give away in my truck. I give some of the items like toys to my students who have children of their own while the rest go to Goodwill. It seems like the majority of items I round up end up in the trash. Good luck!


  3.   Amanda Christopher Says:

    Sneaky gets the job done! My boys’ go into shock if I throw out last year’s happy meal toy found in the bottom the toy box. I always get caught. Thanks for your reply.


  4.   Shelby Day Says:

    Hi Beth! I am a student at the University of South Alabama and was assigned to read your blog. I see you have not posted in a while but this post about a photo a day is an interesting idea. I have heard of people doing it before. It is a good practice because it keeps life interesting and it could give you a little something to look forward to doing at some point during the day. I would love to know how the process is going and where/ if you are posting the pictures online?

    Shelby Day


  5.   Ciara Deese Says:

    I think this project is a great idea. You have inspired me to try this project myself. I really like how you incorporated giving to less fortunate people!


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