Holiday Treats

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Earlier this evening my friend Shana Bull asked her Facebook friends what their favorite holiday cookie was. Lots of people replied and so many of the things they shared sounded so good! Her post inspired me to do something special for the holiday season. I put together a Google Doc where everyone can share their favorite holiday treat as well as the recipe. Since our personal learning network is spread across the entire world, I thought it would be special if we were able to share some holiday traditions with each other.  If you participate (and I hope you do!) please include your name and Twitter handle, your location (country), and a brief story about why this recipe is important to you. Can you imagine what a fabulous document this will be if lots of people share their favorite treats?!  If you share this link on Twitter please use the hashtag #plntreats.

3 Responses to “Holiday Treats”

  1.   Shana Bull Says:

    I wish I had more family traditions like baking cookies for the holidays! I am looking to create my own recipes to pass down to my own children/grandchildren someday though!


  2.   Pearl Johnson Says:

    I think that was a great idea your friend, Shana Bull, had to post that question on her Facebook. I have seen several people post pictures of food they were eating, but not the recipes. Lately I have been trying new recipes because I was tired of eating the same thing over and over again. I can just imagine the different types of recipes that have been collected from that post. The best part is to read or hear the background stories that go along with the recipes. I love my moms sweet potato pie so much that her pie is the only one I will eat. As I think about it I never asked her where the recipe came from.


  3.   Janelle Johnson Says:

    I think this is a great idea that you have decided to do this. These recipes will be great for me to use for special occasions with family, friends, or even for my future elementary students.


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