Budding Artists Project

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dhpaintThis week has been absolutely wonderful! In fact, it has been the most enjoyable week of my ten year teaching career. We put our regular social studies lessons on hold while we worked on our Budding Artist project. Back in December I requested art supplies through DonorsChoose and this week we finally got to use them! I had been looking forward to this week since December! I could not wait to see what my students would create.

So this week we painted. It has been incredible to see what my students have come up with, but what I have enjoyed even more is getting to know them. So many stories were shared this week that would not have been shared if we had been working on regular school work. I intentionally created a very relaxed space outside of our regular classroom to make it feel less like school. We listened to music, we laughed and we joked around. I was nice to be able to take the time to play and create. While it did take time away from our regular lesson plans, what was gained was well worth the sacrifice of two class periods. I don’t mean to sound too sappy, but we bonded.

None of this would have been possible without the wonderful people who supported my DononsChoose project. By giving money to this project they sent the message to my students that they matter. Each painting will be hung up in the hallway of our school and each one will be dedicated to a specific donor. Each student made a handprint which will be displayed in the hallway with a description of the project and a sign that reads “Each of these students had a hand in this project.” Because of this project my students feel like they have some ownership in their school. They are very proud of their work and I am SUPER proud of them!

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  1.   Janelle Johnson Says:

    I think this project will be very beneficial in my future class. I love how through painting we, as teachers, can see another side of our students such as them expressing what he or she is really passionate about.


  2.   Mr. Rease Says:

    Mrs. Still, great job with the project. The project looked like it was extremely fun. For the most part, if it’s been the most enjoyable time of your 10 year teaching career, I can only imagine how much you fun. Thanks for sharing.

    Student from University of South Alabama. EDM510


  3.   Sarah Richerson Says:

    Hi Beth! My name is Sarah and I’m commenting on your blog for my EDM 510 class at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. I liked reading that you took the time to give your students a break from their regular schedule to allow them to create and to allow you to get to know them better. I’m a future teacher and I like to hear that it’s ok to give the students a break occasionally. Also, I liked learning about donorschoose. I will definitely remember this organization when I become a teacher. Thanks for your encouraging post!


  4.   Brittney Kent Says:

    Hi, Beth! My name is Brittney Kent and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I really admire that you choose to spend time and bond with your students. I feel all teachers should do that, even though most do not. Teachers who do, are the reason most kids want to go to school, is because their teachers make learning fun! Also, art can be interactive, it gets our minds spinning and being creative, while also being able to share ideas with others! I’m glad you were able to do that with your class and have bonding time! I will be commenting on one more post of yours within the next few weeks, and then I will be posting a summary on my blog about your post were about and what I commented! I look forward to reading more!



  5.   Briley Lovett Says:

    Hey Beth. My name is Briley Lovett. I enjoyed reading your blog post about this project. I feel like teachers should do more projects like this. This makes learning fun. Also, teachers should want to get to know their students better and creating a relaxed environment allows them to. I look forward to reading more!


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