How To Support the ISTE10 Newbie

In case you haven’t noticed, the ISTE10 Newbie Project is very different than it was last year. Many of you were familiar with Richard Byrne’s blog FreeTech4Teachers so you already had a connection to him. So many people have inquired about what they can do to help Jason Schrage get off to a good start this year. While we monetary donations are  essential to the success of the project, there are many other ways you can support him throughout the year. Besides, I want to give you a chance to get to know Jason before asking for contributions.

1. Subscribe to his blog and leave comments. Remember that he is a brand new blogger. All to often we read blogs, but we don’t take the time to comment. The best way to encourage a new blogger to keep blogging is to leave comments and encourage them to keep at it. (Don’t expect too many updates until September.)

2. Follow him and interact with him on Twitter.

3. Include him in your #FollowFriday and #TeacherTuesday updates.

4. Use his blog as a teaching tool this school year. The purpose of the Newbie project this year is to give teachers a good role model to follow.

5.  Make a small monetary donation. The official fund raising will not begin until later in the year, but you can make a donation through PayPal at anytime. There is a button on both of our blogs where you can do that. (Look for the PayPal button on both of our blogs early next week)

6. Offer him advice and suggestions for improvement. He genuinely want to receive constructive criticism.

7. Add the official Newbie Supporter badge to your blog. (Look for it soon.)

8. Tell everyone you know about this project. It is a unique opportunity to follow an amazing educator who is about to embark on an amazing journey.

9. If you are fortunate enough to make it to ISTE10, make it a point to seek out Jason in Denver. My guess is he will probably frequent the Bloggers’ Cafe’. Afterall, he will be a seasoned veteran blogger by then!

These are just a few of the ideas I have for what you can do to help support Jason. Am I missing anything? Please share your ideas.

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