ISTE Keynote Project

The International Society for Technology in Education is trying something new this year. They are using crowdsourcing to asking those attending to help pick the keynote speakers. There are three different phases of this project which can be found on the ISTE site.  We are now in Phase 2 which will last until December 15. During this time you can nominate a speaker or you can vote on speakers who have already been nominated. You have 20 votes per category and you can award anywhere from 1 to 3 votes until you run out. Once you cast your votes you can go back and redistribute them if you choose to do so. Also, you can see who has voted for each individual and how many votes they have cast for that person.

In order to vote you must create an account. You may use a number of sites (Facebook, Google,Twitter, etc) to log in, but you will still have to provide an email address. This is where it gets a little tricky. I found that after I created my account the page that came up said I had only one vote left. In order to show how many votes I really had I had to pick one of the five forums. As long as you are logged in it should show that you have twenty votes per forum.

I hope that you will consider giving your votes to the following people:

Chris Lehmann: Effective School Leadership for Digital/Global era

Howie DiBlasi: Personal Learning with 21st Century Skills

Karl Fisch: Why Has Technology Affected So Little Change on Teaching and Learning?

Yesterday Scott McLeod posted an update on who is in the lead in each of the five different topics.

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